June 2: Queens Museum Presents Inside the Cutting room: A Conversation & Scenes from “when home is elsewhere” with Filmmaker Alvin Tsang

Queens Museum is presenting a virtual panel, Inside the Cutting room: A Conversation & Scenes from “when home is elsewhere” with Filmmaker Alvin Tsang.

Tsang takes an inside look into the creative development of his current work-in-progress, “when home is elsewhere” on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 7:00 p.m in a virtual panel discussion. Click here to RSVP.

“when home is elsewhere” is sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts and supported by Queens Council on the Arts.

Despite the COVID-19 disruption, Tsang pushed forward into post-production, taking this opportune moment of quarantine to further research and reflect on the colonial experiences of the past and today’s ongoing international displacement of people by wars and local xenophobic violence.

Tsang will share scenes and, with the film’s co-producer and artist Siyan Wong, discuss the making of a film that goes well beyond the experience of one man’s lifelong search for a home. Tsang’s 75-year-old father was a pre-teen orphan, a refugee from Vietnam to Hong Kong, an immigrant who moved his family to the United States, and a divorcee. By working with personal archives on this film, Tsang connects the more personal human experience to bigger issues of family, migration, community, and war that many from around the world experience today. His artistic goal for this film is to inspire reflections on the past and positive changes happening now, stimulating imagination for what the future could be.

Follow on FB/IG: @whenhomeiselsewhere @alvinwtsang

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