2016 Asians on Film Festival Complete Lineup, Mar. 10 – 13

12112298_951145264959172_4144412274567610618_nThe 2016 Asians on Film Festival runs from Thursday March 10th- Sunday, March 13th at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, 100 North Central Avenue, LA.

Full Lineup

Thursday, March 10th

Japanese American National Museum

100 N Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012



Opening night red carpet


Rain Lotus (Joe Chang) (7 min)

Family Gathering (David Au) (21 min)

More Than One (Takahisa Shiraishi) (20 min)

The Smiling Man (AJ Briones) (7 min)

Visiting Mum (Cassandra Nguyen) (21 min)

Eternity (James Boss) (24 min)


Waiting (Will Kim) (2 min)

The Breakdown on Highway 7 (Jaswant Shrestha) (16 min)

Power Play (Hillary Hamilton) (4 min)

Do Date (Marc Lee & Marcial Chavez) (11 min)

Off the Record (Lijie Feng) (16 min)

The Controller (Bryce Marrero) (18 min)

Jackie Boy (Musashi Alexander) (22 min)

Friday, March 11th


One Minute To Leave (Brian Sounalath) (4 min)

Maple’s Tree (Rachel Leyco) (20 min)

Alice’s Mirror (Benoit Lelieve) (18 min)

The Spring in My Life (Yeon Yun Cho) (20 min)

My Best Friend, Ben (Henry Alberto) (33 min)


The Roar – Monish Gangwani (Monish Gangwani) (15 min)

The Dead Planet (Michael Morris) (13 min)

Vigilance (Brenton Fosner) (10 min)

The Flip (Chung Fan Lam) (22 min)

In Search of American Inshallah (Danish Renzu) (25 min)


Spaceship – Dan aka Dan featuring Sam Kang (Rommel Andaya) (7 min)

Virtual Hitman (Kristina Esposito) (14 min)

Hopeless Romantic (Oleksil Babenko) (10 min)

Kin (Deborah Kim & Jacobi Hollingshed) (20 min)

The Girl Who Couldn’t Get High (Andrew Olsen) (3 min)

Rattlefly (Min Ding) (20 min)

You Can’t Hear Me. You Can’t See Me. (Andrew Suleiman) (14 min)


R I S E (Steve Nguyen & Choz Belen) (3 min)

Tortoise (Noviandra Santosa) (6 min)

Eyes of Fate (Andrew Yi) (12 min)

Lover and the Fighter (Joseph Le) (5 min)

Passage (Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe) (16 min)

American Hikikomori (Landis Stokes) (20 min)

When Mom Visits (Chiung-wen Chang) (18 min)

Saturday, March 12th


Where’d You Go (Invisible People) – Model Minority (Angela Yu) (6 min)

Sapphire Strange (Justin Caien Chenn) (8 min)

Meet Me at a Funeral (Kerry Mondragon) (11 min)

Apart (Xin Huang) (13 min)

The Destined King (Kiyun Sung) (12 min)

Sweet Sixteen (Yung-Jen Yang) (8 min)

Playdate (Andrea Bang) (14 min)

A Children’s Song (Shayna Cohen) (27 min)


Up In the Clouds (Ed Moy) (3 min)

Up in the Clouds

Ed Moy’s Animated Short UP IN THE CLOUDS, starring Katherine Park and Raymond Ma, has East Coast premiere screening at PAAFF15

Anastasia (Sam Li) (13 min)

Split End (Edward Shieh) (6 min)

Time Capsule (Trinity Shi) (4 min)

The Meat (Roy Kim) (6 min)

BRITNEY-holics Anonymous: A SPEAR-itual Awakening (Jerell Rosales) (10 min)

Metamorphosis (Elaine Xia) (15 min)

Karma (Sixing Su & Majun Chen) (18 min)

100 Rupees (Prashanth Raj) (20 min)


Aurora – Kenson Lee (Kenson Lee) (6 min)

Straight Up (Steven Yee & Gerry Maravilla) (9 min)

Hada (Tony Morales) (9 min)

Finding You (Grant Chang) (7 min)

Against Blood (Cassidy Lackos) (13 min)

Rope (Yeney Amaro) (9 min)

Anne Darling (Norman Yeung) (16 min)

Mom For Sale. Mint Condition (Rajesh Naroth) (6 min)

East of Hollywood (Chris Caccioppoli) (28 min)


I Can’t Be Your Superman – Skylar Spence (Maegan Houang) (4 min)

Cash Back (Yifan Xiao) (12 min)

The Pride (Qiucgen Cao) (18 min)

Dirty Sock (Rommel Andaya) (6 min)

Anna (Spiros Charalambous) (22 min)

Longing (Nadav Mishall) (20 min)

Sunday, March 13th


Xuong Duoi (Down Under) (Matthew Victor Pastor) (7 min)

Dream of Emerald Hill (Daniel York) (10 min)

Jinju (Crystal Jin Kim) (10 min)

Planet X (Rohit Gill) (7 min)

Good Boy (Blake Hodges) (6 min)

Twin Lotus (Bruce Sze Han Chen) (15 min)

Method (Steven Yee) (9 min)

Pawnshop Symphony (Kvon Chen) (7 min)

The Loyalist (Minji Kang) (19 min)


Bayanihan: The Spirit of Community (Ricky Fosheim) (27 min)

Black (Nadia Burgess) (6 min)

The Glass Man (We Ra) (21 min)

Dirty War (Linpu Gao) (11 min)

Finding Cleveland (Larissa Lam) (13 min)

Father (Tresa Ponnor) (10 min)


Turn It Up – CHOPS, Tiger JK & Yoon Mi-rae (Steve Nguyen) (4 min)

My Life as a Sock (Julie Ow) (10 min)

A Decision (Xu Zhang) (6 min)

The Dragon’s Blade (Viet Huynh) (7 min)

Behind the Scenes with Chad and Sam (Sam Li & Chad Maxwell) (23 min)

Mt. Molehill (Jesse Stewart) (17 min)

Mooncake (Francois Yang) (19 min)


Run Crab Run (Wei Lu) (6 min)

Battle of Wills (David No) (9 Min)

Crimson Defenders vs. the Slightly Racist Family (Simu Liu) (8 min)

Coming Home (Steven Liang) (14 min)

To Die or to Dream (Peilin Kuo) (3 min)

Touch (Lulu Wang) (15 min)

D.Asian (Sarah Smith) (10 min)

Locksmiths (James Kwon Lee) (16 min)

Mango Sticky Rice (Mallorie Ortega) (15 min)




Close Night After Party @ Far Bar Little Tokyo (Free Event)

Asians on Film is a 501 (C)3 non-profit devoted to arts & entertainment with a primary focus in providing recognition to the talent of Asian/Pacific Islanders who are minorities in the film industry either as talent, filmmakers and/or those who work in other aspects of filmmaking.

Lia Chang. Photo by Garth Kravits
Lia Chang. Photo by Garth Kravits

Lia Chang is an award-winning filmmaker, a Best Actress nominee, a photographer, and an award-winning multi-platform journalist. Lia has appeared in the films Wolf, New Jack City, A Kiss Before Dying, King of New York, Big Trouble in Little China, The Last Dragon, Taxman and Hide and Seek, which will screen at The Women’s Film Festival 2016 in Philadelphia on March 13th and the Disorient Film Festival in Eugene Oregon in April. She is profiled in Examiner.comJade Magazine and Playbill.com.

Click here for the Lia Chang Articles Archive and here for the Lia Chang Photography Website.

All text, graphics, articles & photographs: © 2000-2016 Lia Chang Multimedia. All rights reserved. All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of Lia Chang. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content. For permission, please contact Lia at lia@liachangphotography.com

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